This is Halloween

I had so much fun this year for Halloween! mia was so pretty as Red Riding hood and I went as Raggedy Anne. Even mia’s cat, Midnight, got into the action as a doll! Josh? Well he’s not much of a dresser-upper lol, but he still went out and had a good time which is all that matters. CarnEvil was a lot of fun, it was such a treat to see Sarah and her troupe belly dancing on the stage. It was also fun to tie up people as a cute lil rag doll 🙂 I love to people watch, this was a great place for such an activity. I even found another rag doll to bond with.

Back in the day Josh and I used to drive to NC from SC to go to parties and clubs over the weekend. Now that we’ve moved here and settled in we’ve gotten busy with life and things and it’s been a while since we all piled up and went out on the town. It felt like old times! All three of us partied way too late and then we went to the Cook Out to get greasy goodness at all hours in the morning. Well here are the photos! Enjoy!

~ by An Amazing Woman on November 3, 2008.

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