Pink Floyd and Pregnant Friends!

I had a spiritual experience last night. Janice (pictured above) is a college buddy of mine who is diabetic, sings opera, loves purple, has always wanted to be a mommy, and practically lives her life based on Pink Floyd. She’s also one of the silliest sweetest people I know.

Last night I got to see Janice in Columbia, SC. But that’s not all! For one, she is finally pregnant, in fact she is VERY pregnant, with a girl!!!!! Also! She was singing Dark Side of the Moon with a live band in front of hundreds of screaming people! This was the first time she’s ever gotten a chance to sing Pink Floyd in front of others, and the fact that she was pregnant at the same time is nothing less than cosmically awesome. She belted her little heart out and she was damned good, everyone loved her! And she was so cute and adorable with her belly!! *squeeeeeeee* Her kid is definitely going to be musically inclined, that’s for sure.

We only went down to hear her sing and then we had to turn straight around come back home to NC, but I wouldn’t have missed that for the world. It was worth the trip. It was nice to see her, even for only a little bit. It got me thinking about how much I miss some of my friends all over the place and right here in town. I love my friends, they are nutty and crazy and each and every one of them are unique and beautiful. You know who you are!

Tonight is going to be awesome!!! I’m doing that CarnEvil thing tonight and I get to hang out with some local friends, watch belly dancing, watch burlesque, and tie up some bitches. Life, yeah life is good. There will be photos of the event tonight, it’ll be fun to see everyone in costume so stay tuned!

~ by An Amazing Woman on October 31, 2008.

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