Because I deserve it

I’ve got a lot of shit on my mind, trying to deal with a few things. One of which is J’s (the hubby) recent biopsy. We are still waiting on results. Normally I wouldn’t be worried, but the only reason why I am concerned is because J’s dad has melanoma and J’s gotten some atypical results on a biopsy before this one. I hope everything is ok.

Instead of stressing the day away I decided to do something drastic, something I never ever do. I decided to do something to relax. I drew a warm bath and enjoyed a nice soak, a nice smoke, and a nice glass of wine. I only feel guilty a little, after all I should be working. Hrm, maybe I need another bath lol!

~ by An Amazing Woman on October 23, 2008.

One Response to “Because I deserve it”

  1. Really like your site. I’ve tagged you in a meme about 7 random facts. Check my blog for the details….

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