Rigging for Models Athena Fatale and Jinx1313

Athena Fatale is one of the nicest, sweetest, most sadistic and beautiful women I have met yet. Essentially she’s made of awesomeness soup. I met Jinx1313 at Mr S Leather when she was there for a photo shoot with Cortes Photo, she was going to shoot with Athena as well.

Once Athena arrived at the loft we all got to hang out for a bit and then she asked if I would suspend Jinx1313 for a photo. I could have hugged her right then!! Well of course I will suspend Jinx1313! And better yet I’ll do it in the bathroom.

The bathroom in the loft is about as big as my bedroom at home, with marble walls, marble garden tub, bidet, and more shower heads and nozzles coming out of the walls than House of Pain’s got rhymes. The best part of it all was the suspension point above the tub.

So there I am with two ridiculously hot women in a bathroom, one in sexy latex, one clad only in heels. What to do, what to do. You know, sometimes my life is just hard 😉 Luke Degre let me borrow some of his hemp ropes and I went to town! The pic above is one of my favorites from the set.

But it gets much better. After a bit of posing and playing with Jinx1313, Athena gets a shower nozzle and turns the set into a water bondage shoot. Me? Oh yeah, I’m happy as hell at this point! Well I’m going to stop talking about it, after all a pic is worth a thousand words right? Well these are worth a million!

~ by An Amazing Woman on October 9, 2008.

6 Responses to “Rigging for Models Athena Fatale and Jinx1313”

  1. who has a suspension point above the bathtub?! beautiful! any where else this photo set will show up?

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  5. […] Rigging for Athena Fatale and Jinx1313 […]

  6. […] Rigging for Athena Fatale and Jinx1313 […]

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