Weekend Wrapup

Photo Courtesy of CortesPhoto.com

Jody Cortes of CortesPhoto is one funny guy! He also talks to me in Klingon, who said romance languages are dead! We shot this pic upon leaving Folsom Street Fair and he put this up on his news page! Gotta love it!

So this weekend was nuts! After coming back from Folsom I decided I needed to get grounded, so I wanted to go camping. It was just me and Josh, and Biff, and Kermit (or two german shepards). mia decided to stay home and enjoy a rare moment of peace at the Ark++.

Camping was great! We found a local spot (since gas is lacking around these parts and we couldn’t drive far) and pitched the tent on Friday night. The weather was perfect, but this wasn’t your regular camping trip. Saturday morning we woke up and I fixed a nice breakfast on the camp stove, then we walked the boys for a while. Instead of spending the rest of the day hiking like I’d normally do on a camping trip I had to go home and get ready for MonsterCon.

I had to spend the afternoon at MonsterCon being a judge for the Ms Nightmarica Pageant. It was very interesting and there were three other judges, one of which is a Candy Scandel and CostumeCutie, Goddess Desire. Our friend Jinx (who’s also on CostumeCuties.com)  didn’t win which was a bummer. It was fun though and a great experience!

After MonsterCon I had to get ready for Big Mamma’s House of Burlesque. Our friend Liz had her last regularly scheduled performance that night and we didn’t want to miss it. It was fun to see everyone, but we couldn’t stay long. The campfire was a callin’.

We got back to camp just in time to crash on the sleeping bags under the stars. Waking up too eary to the sound of too many children having too good a time too early on a sunday was hard lol! I finally got a little hike in though! Josh, Biff and I took off around the camp site to see what it was like since it was our first time there. We found a lake! So with a beer in one hand and Biff in the other we walk down to the water to let Biff play a bit, he’s not as much of a water dog as we’d like, but he did ok!!

All in all it was a great camping trip, I’m sorry I don’t have a video of it this time hahaha! I think this coming weekend I will actually stay in town 😀

~ by An Amazing Woman on October 6, 2008.

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