Folsom Adventures.

This year my adventures at Folsom was epic. I was not working a booth and thus my personnage was neither tethered nor hindered from wanderings. So wander did I. Upon aforementioned wanderings I saw many amazing things, stuff, humans, etc. I will regale you with photos once I return home to the familiar photo uploading seat of doom which resides in my living room some 2,721 miles from where my butt rests at current. I promise the wait won’t hurt too much, just remember to breathe deeply and strongly and frequently. Place pillows around you in case you pass out, if you hit your noggin on a rogue table edge I can not be to blame. Are you breathing now? Good.

My day started off like any other day, except that I am across the country and sleeping at the loft at Mr. S Leather. The toils of the day before had me suspending Jinx 13 for a photoshoot with Athena Fatale at Mr. S Leather. There’s another Jinx who is a bondage model, and I got to suspend her, go figure! Life is silly that way. She’s not my Jinx, my Jinx was safetly situated in Charlotte NC at the time of the suspension. So yes, my body is still floating from the day of suspension and the following evening of partying til all hours with January Sareph and her man at the Citadel. Nearly drunk with exhaustion I peel myself out of the bed and help out with models. Accounting for models, finding clothing by scouring the workshop and pawing through racks and racks of latex, the heady scent nearly toppling me over on such a lovely morning. Invariably this takes over an hour longer than it should have, and I should have known better after dealing with models for as long as I have. Then Tchukon tells me to find something pretty for myself that I might walk around Folsom in Madam S latex. I happily oblige (though this takes me about 10 extra minutes to do). Once dressed and done with my duties I am off to take in the wondermous sight that is Folsom Street Fair.

I can’t account for all that I saw, for most of it was a blur of naked penis, glitter, and the occassional glittered naked penis doing cartwheels down the side of the street. There were also boobies, but the ratio of boobies to penis is so abysmal as to not even warrant stating. I saw no less than one dozen and one half blow jobs which is the point at which I stopped counting. There were blow jobs on the street, blow jobs in the windows above the street, blow jobs on the roofs above the windows above the street. The smell of leather and sweat were intoxicating and I drank in the fumes like a thirsty traveler along so many miles of desert road.

I saw various and sundry suspensions with ropes coming from tie points, ankles, breasts, wrists; strings coming from medical staples, thighs, arms. I saw people wearing outfits of rope, skirts of ropes, harnesses of rope. Rope died all the colors of the rainbow and worn with as much pride as the multicolored flags which adorned several of the windows.

I saw many things dear readers. I will show you a touch of what I saw when I am soonest able. Until then may my words sate you.

~ by An Amazing Woman on September 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “Folsom Adventures.”

  1. Ms. Nikki Nefarious, it was a pleasure to meet you in person!
    (Even briefly.)
    I’m glad you had a good time up here in SF and I hope to run into you again in the near future!

  2. May I have your permission to use one of these photos? I’m an editor for The Bottom Line, an alternative school newspaper at UC Santa Barbara and we’re doing a piece on Folsom.

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