San Fran So Far

Last night was my first night in town. I am staying with FiveStar for a few days, and then at the top of Stormy Leather for a few nights. Fivestar and I took in a quiet night of sushi and sake, but before that we literally hung out. She, being a rope fan like myself, is learning suspension so I let her tie me up and hang me. I was the first person that she has suspended, other than herself. Then she taught me some self suspension as well, so we got to geek out on that for a while and I was most happy.

Today I got to tie up a grown man I just met and suspend him in front of Lew Rubens,’s Bondage Consultant. I didn’t die but I was nervous as all hell. He was very pleased with my rope handling skills and said that he’d like to get me out here more. I take this as a good sign 😉 He also taught me about pulleys and how he introduced the bondage ring into the mix as well. I need to get my hands on both of those.

I also got a tour of the Armory here in SF. This is the home of, one of my newest favorite places on Earth. This place has everything you could ever want or dream up for a fetish scene! I swear it was like being a kid in a candy shop. I’ve decided that I want a water bondage tank for Christmas 🙂 I mean it! There are rooms and rooms of bondage gear, furniture, fucking machines, padded cells, dungeons, and all manner of sets. They even have free flowing espresso in the break room. See, everything a lady needs!

Tonight I get to hang out with FiveStar and Jiz Lee at Madison Young’s gallery, Femina Potens for a film screening centered around Erotica and Bicycling. I got to view FiveStar’s film last night, they are going to love it! I don’t want to give it all away, but she ties her own self to her bike and masturbates while filming herself, filming herself. Wow! She’s such a creative and awesome person! I love how her documentary style films!

After the screening we are going to a women’s only party at Stormy Leather. I have no idea what to expect, but I do know the girls from Crash Pad Series are going to be there so I am very excited about meeting them!! The last women’s party I went to in SF was nothing short of magic, and I’m certain it will be the same this time around too.

I love the vibe here, everything is so open and free. I just wish it weren’t so damned expensive to move out here. Ah well, I’m happy in the south and that is where I’m going to stay…unless an excellent opportunity arose for me that could afford such a location change. 😉 We’ll see what plays out dear readers, we’ll see. But hey isn’t the internet great for spanning the distances? So at least I’ll be able to keep up with all the awesome people I’ve met here whilst on the other side of the country!!

~ by An Amazing Woman on September 26, 2008.

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