Sabrina Fox is a Crush Object on FleshBot

I am so proud of my friend Sabrina Fox. I met her through SocialKink and got her set up to perform with JD from Two Knotty Boys. This is from FleshBot:

Sabrina Fox has all the ingredients we need for a hot serving of Crush Object deliciousness; brains, gorgeousness, and an enthusiasm in all of her thigh-tingling scenes that makes our heads spin (and our other bits warm and tingly). So when we found out she was visiting Fleshbot West for a bit o’ bondage and and more than a bit of intense fucking at we were delighted to track ker downm for exclusive interview … not to mention a full gallery featuring the lovely Sabrina in hardcore action, both of which you’ll find after the jump. Who says sharing isn’t caring?

. . .

Fleshbot: So what’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like Kink?
Sabrina Fox: I definitely believe in being naughty and nice simultaneously. Having been in the BDSM community for quite some time, there’s nothing better than taking my love of this lifestyle and sharing that part of myself with the world. I am an adrenaline junkie and provides that fix for me. I love how intense and real the shoots are, and I have had the privilege of making wonderful friends in this exciting company.

FB: What do you love most about being a porn performer?
SF: Heh, it’s a way of giving the middle finger to my evangelical self-righteous mother…Hi, Mom! It’s rather funny, but I thank my mother for getting me into porn, seriously! She, being one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, accused me of doing porn when I was glamour modeling. So, I decided that while I’m being accused of it I may as well have to the fun of actually doing it. Naturally, there is a certain amount of shock factor that goes along with telling a complete stranger that I am a porn model when they ask me what I do…. I really delight in those moments of discomfort and the expression that goes along with it. I also enjoy being sexually free and open, not being afraid of it like so many in our society are.

FB: What makes a scene really hot for you?
SF: It really varies, as vague as that may be. Some days I prefer no lipstick and some days I want bright red… there’s no rhyme or reason to it. Sometimes I want to be manhandled and pushed around, and sometimes I want to be romanced and seduced. Regardless of what transpires, having chemistry with a partner in a scene and feeling comfortable to be myself is always a turn-on during a shoot. If I’m comfortable with a person then I’m having fun and that portrays well on video. It really excites meet when I’m pushed to my gives me a sense of accomplishment and an appreciation of my partner for being able to read me well enough to give me such and experience.

FB: Is there any kind of porn or a sex act that turns you off?
SF: There’s not a lot in porn that would turn me off per se. I’m not into pissing but the humiliation of such a scene can still be hot for me; it depends on how the tools are used. However, a lack of confidence can be a turn off… someone who doesn’t know how to handle a particular piece of equipment… bad kissing is definitely a turn off…

FB: What’s the difference between sex you have for work and sex you have for yourself?
SF: I think for a lot of porn performers that line can become easily blurred, and there are times myself where I wonder if I know the difference anymore. I love fetish and BDSM porn because it is something I practice in my personal life, and I don’t have to fake it or act on camera, it comes natural. For me, it’s real. Every shoot I do for is real, there’s no pretense, and it’s something I’m very passionate about. I suppose the main difference is that after a scene in real life, I’m cuddling with my partner… I’m affectionate and a snuggle bunny and after care is very important to me. In a professional atmosphere that’s not always available.

FB: What false, lame or insulting perceptions do people have about your job that you hate?
SF: I have sex with random people for money, I’m a prostitute and therefore must be a drug-addicted low life that has no self esteem and who is ruining my life in addition to being a whore of Babylon….I’m selling my soul to Satan and will go straight to hell, do not pass go, do not collect $200. That also must mean that I have severe psychological and emotional issues and what is more, I cannot be trusted. I have to lie, cheat, and steal because modeling alone cannot possibly support my horrible crack addiction. 😉

FB: Any fantasies you’d like to try out on camera that you haven’t done yet?
SF: I have yet to do a full out kidnapping/abduction scene. It’s always been a fantasy of mine, to be kidnapped and taken off to some place nobody knows of and be sexually used…. all day, all night, and then some more. The idea of a gangbang really turns me on too, though I’m not sure if I could handle it in reality.

FB: Speaking for all of Fleshbot, will you marry me? We promise we’ll try to share you with the rest of the world…
SF: Sharing is caring, I refuse to have a monogamous relationship. So, in light of that, yes! How ’bout tomorrow?

FB: What should we look forward to from you next?
SF: I have recently completed The Training of O… day one is up, day two soon to come. I have to say that this shoot for me was very intense as I went into it for personal reasons and to learn a little more about who Sabrina Fox is… and I was not disappointed.

I’m off to Germany very soon to perform and rig with Lew Rubens for an erotic event in conjunction with Oktoberfest. Other than that I am traveling quite a bit and attending as many community events as possible…it’s where I got my start and giving back by teaching demos and performances is very fulfilling for me. In fact, I just got back from SpankFestival 2 in Wisconsin where I worked and performed with Graydancer, and the feedback and response has been overwhelming. Look for me at Black Rose, Dark Odyssey, and many more.

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• Photos via Fucking Machines, Device Bondage, Ultimate Surrender, Hogtied, Wired Pussy and The Training of O (
Sabrina Fox’s clips4sale Studio (
Sabrina Fox’s Yahoo Group (

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