New Hair!

This is my new hair!! They kept my orginal asymmetrical cut but they took off a bit of lentgh and girth, so I’m happy with the cut. What do you guys think about the color? They wanted to keep me in the red family of colors, but darken it up. All in all I’m happy with it.

The company mia and I modeled for is called Chi. Apparently they have good hair irons, iunno, but they know how to throw a party lol.The show was fun but it was a tiresome two days. I do love the energy behind the scenes at a convention though. No one knew what the hell was going on but somehow things got handled. My only bitch about the experience was the makeup artist. After the powder buff she pulls out a tube of lipstick and brings it over to check the color next to my skin. The lipstick smells like crayons which pretty much means to toss it, but nope…she’s going to put it on my lips. But first she took a tube of lipgloss and before I knew what she was doing she had the original wand of the lipgloss on my lips. I had an inner grossout right then as that is not very hygienic at all and also eww. Other than that the experience was fun.

mia did so well! They decided not to cut her hair, but instead they were going to do an up-do on her and give her a bright pink-red streak in her hair. It looks really good and she likes it alot. I’m glad they didn’t cut it, I love her hair long the way it is. I was able to snap a few photos of my pretty, wanna see?

They had to put her hair in curls before the updo. Her hair looks like a wig lol!

This is her hair after the updo!

~ by An Amazing Woman on September 21, 2008.

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