Modeling Adventure #2

Sunday mia and I have a hair modeling thinger that we’re doing. This means that today we are spending a lovely day getting our hair cut and colored. Neither of us have a clue what they are going to do with us so it’s going to be interesting 😀

I never know what to do with my hair so I chop it off and then get lazy and let it grow and do its own thing. I will miss being able to pull my hair in a ponytail if they cut it short, since I hate for my hair to get in my face when I’m working. Have you ever caught your hair in someone’s buckles while you’re trying to tie them up? I know right! Me too!

mia is nervous about her hair! When she walked in the room one of the stylists went nuts and grabbed her and started speaking spanish. That guy was so excited about her hair, he was just all over the place! I knew they’d like her, she’s got amazing hair! I’ll post pictures (assuming they don’t scalp us!!). Wish us luck.

Walking a runway is going to be weird, I hope I don’t trip and bust my ass! Say goodbye to the mop 😉

~ by An Amazing Woman on September 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “Modeling Adventure #2”

  1. Salutations Nikki,
    I recently came across a video of you walking along the streets of san francisco. It was the Folsom Street Fair and your hair was about mid length and a gorgeous shade of red. I too attended this past Folsom event and was just amazed at the energy the people brought as well as the intense visuals.
    What intrigued me was your hair as well as your rigging knowledge and History. I Grew up a country boy myself and had to tie up a lot of things from wood, to goat, hay, in addition to friends and cousins for fun. just recently I become romanced with tying nooses. I love the count, the grip of the rope between my hands, and the strength the bind can have. In addition to the Hold you are creating, i LOVE patterns.
    You mentioned something very important to me which was safety and pressure points. i honestly haven’t even thought of that. So, on that note. is there a written source that includes rigging theory, pressure points, safety, placing knots in certain erogenous zones, patterns for appropriate heights etc. etc. You also mentioned the importance of a mentor. Would you happen to know of a database that includes pro riggers; such as yourself, that are open to mentoring or teaching classes? I very much want to learn how to be an excellent rigger. I hope to embrace the control issues i have and channel it to an art form that promotes Beauty and Pleasure.
    If you can please respond with some general information you might have or a community in the LA area PLEASE Let me know.

    Thank You SO Much

    -Luis Payne

  2. Thank you for your comment (below) at I wanted to give you some general info:

    You mentioned that you love patterns. I love the articulate structure of decorative bondage and the best source for that is with TwoKnottyBoys. They have a youtube page with video instructions on how to tie basic decorative knots: They also have an amazing book called Two Knotty Boys Showing You The Ropes:

    As far as safety and theory, here’s a great starter book…it’s great for info, but the pics are hard to follow; so if you are wanting to learn how to tie knots get another book for that
    Jay Wiseman’s Erotic Bondage Handbook:

    Here are other books, some are geared more towards technique and some are geared more towards materials and safety, so read reviews on them and decide which one(s) would fit your needs…I’ve read them all and they are really good!
    Rope Bondage: Precision and Persuasion with Rope:
    Bondage for Sex:
    The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage:

    Pressure points are serious business! I’m glad that you are doing the right thing and educating yourself, that’s awesome!

    As far as the bondage scene in LA, I’m not really sure.
    For info I’d try the LA Bondage Forum:, SoCal Shibari: or maybe check out the group The Threshold:…I’m not sure about these but I have at least heard of them before in my former work as webmaster for
    For events I’d check out BarSinister,com, their Purgatory event sounds neat. But Definitely get to the LA Bondage Ball if you can:

    I hope you find this helps!

    ~Nikki Nefarious

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