Last night I went to Snug Harbor, the friendly neighborhood pirate bar, to watch Shiprocked,  the live performance extravaganza brainchild of Chaka. Some of my favoritest peoples performed drag that night: Lilith Deville, Beth Anne Phetomine, and Dyke Patton. I had such a good time! It seems like forever since I’ve gone to that place, but I like it. Hrm, maybe I should stop being so busy one of these evenings and go back.

It also seems like forever since I hung out with AJ and Kelly!! The last time we were all together we did a bondage shoot collaboration. Kelly was the lovely model, I was the ‘tog, and AJ and I took turns tying her up. Yay! In fact the image above is a product of all three of us and it’s one of my favorites. There were some folk who weren’t in town and couldn’t make it out to the show, but on the whole it was great to see everyone again and finally take time to just have fun!

~ by An Amazing Woman on September 19, 2008.

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