Girl Fun

Before Mess arrived, mia and I had our own little girl-fun night. It was very romantic and sweet, and very sexy. I am not one to kiss and tell, so I will leave the particulars to your imagination. But here is an excerpt from mia’s blog:

Everything was perfect ! i lift Her dress off and place it down in a corner. i start kissing Her beautiful soft lips and Wwe get lost within Oourselves. Touching and feeling Oour bodies together. She then tells me to lay back on the spanking bench and i do. i lay down and She grabs chest vapor rub and puts some around my nipples and blows softly. It was extremely hot! She then takes a candle and does wax play with me. It felt so amazing feeling the hot wax hit my skin and feeling Her hands rub up against my skin. She then starts to make out with me again and slides Her hand down to my pussy…”

Once Mess arrived the mood changed from sexy to fun. Mess and I used to get into all manner of trouble back in the day, so it was nice to get a little taste of that while she was in town. Once Janice arrived it was like old times again.

Janice informed us that we had reached legend status at the old dorm as our antics are still passed around apparently as examples of how to be fabulous. With that as my motivation I went out and bought an inflatable pool so as to recreate the infamous jello wrestling battle between Mess and I, which originally took place on the lawn of the dorm.

I would very much like to recreate several of our most “interesting” experiences into photoshoots, starting with the jello wrestling. This would also have to include the red carpet awards party we threw where the winners received silver shoes pasted with glitter and sequins in place of a trophy, and awards were given out according to merit and talent. Mess got “Best Supporting Actress in a Romantic Black Comedy” since all of her relationships were of the comical genre at the time. Then there is the Marilyn Monroe Party where everyone (yes, everyone) had to dress as their favorite Marilyn to get in. And let’s not forget the Preston Dorm Thong Competition Dance Parties we would throw in the halls of the old dorm. I sat on the judging panel for all of them of course 😉 Ok…so maybe a photo session recreation would only be fun for me, and I doubt anyone else would “get it” but still it’s an idea!! And well I have to do something with this inflatable pool. Any volunteers 😉

~ by An Amazing Woman on September 12, 2008.

One Response to “Girl Fun”

  1. It sometimes sounds like you live in an alternate reality from my own. One where sexy things happen.

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