The Coolest People I Know

And by cool I mean nerdy. But that’s good, I am a nerd and this is known if you know me. That said, I am a big ol fan of Star Trek: TNG and Nerdcore music. If you don’t know what Nerdcore is, it is what it sounds like and to learn more please edumocate yo’self at HipsterPlease!

Ok so back to the coolest people I know. Actually these are two guys and they go way back! Their names are Z and Josh and their story is as follows:

Years ago, in middle school, Josh dated a girl named Amber and met her older brother Z. After a while Josh and Z became best friends and would be forever intertwined in each others’ lives. Z being the Dr Dorian character and Josh being the Dr Turk, or “Chocolate Bear,” character in the proverbial Scrubs episode of life. Years later I would enter the mix and Josh and I would get married. The married thinger is only part of why these guys are so cool.

Josh proposed to me via a treasure map in a bottle, which was made from a glass bottle shaped like a cello that I had given him years prior, and which floated up from the sea as I lounged at the beach in Florida. This treasure map led me to a buried treasure chest, in which I found an engagement ring that Josh had specially made for me with crescent moons and stars around the band and a nice shiny diamond in the middle. Z would preside over the marriage that brought Josh and I into tax-break bliss. Z even went through the trouble to get all official about it. See, that’s all pretty cool.

So what do these two people have to do with my love of nerdy stuff? What makes them so cool? Only this…

Z is the man behind HipsterPlease! and is a writer for Wired’s GeekDad. That is cool. That’s not the coolest part though. Wil Weaton actually quoted Z on his blog. This bears repeating: The Wil Weaton quoted Z in his blog. But see, that’s not the coolest part either. So Z gets asked by to go to Nerdapolooza in FL to cover the event. Josh goes along with him as wing man and camera man. Once there, the two of them team up and have my absolute favorite Nerdcore Rapper, MC Frontalot, shout out to me in a video interview and tell me to put my ring back on. Josh and I had taken off our rings during a trial separation, during which we actually realized that though our life is far outside the norm it actually works for us and we shouldn’t be ashamed of who we are or how we live our lives together, and nor should we try to make it fit a mold. Instead of simply asking me to put my ring back on, Josh showed me this interview of Frontalot and at the end when Front called to me by name and told me it’s time to put my ring back on, I was beside myself. I actually thought it was very romantic, and very cool! And that is why these two are the coolest people I know.

~ by An Amazing Woman on September 5, 2008.

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