First Shootout as a Model

Le Cirque Encanteur is a photoshoot out in NC. It is happening tomorrow!! I will be there. But holy shit I’ll be there as a model, if you can believe it. CandyScandals is sponsoring this shoot out. The East Coast owner of Candy Scandals is none other than my good friend and favorite pin-up Jenn Martin of!!

Well this is also thanks to another wonderful friend Catalina who talked me into trying being in front of the camera. Which is exceedingly weird. But I will be playing more the part of Hostess at this Shootout, so hopefully that will get me off the hook for actual modeling 😉

Either way it will be fun times. Plus it’s a mini roadtrip. Roadtrips can be therapeutic you know! I am so out of my element here. Normally I’d be charging up my batteries and packing up my studio equipment and tossing my ropes in a bin. This is how I typically get ready for a shootout. Now? I’m screwed!!! LMAO!

So this will be my very first shootout as a model. I’m thinking about actually making a modelmayhem page for “Ms Nikki Nefarious” to go along with my Altered Aperture Model Mayhem page. But then again I might just have to wait and see if I actually like any of the shots taken of me. Assuming I get them back 😉

So guys, wish me luck tomorrow!!

~ by An Amazing Woman on September 4, 2008.

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