Playing Nurse

Here at the Ark life is typically peaceful and quiet, what with three people, three dogs, and three cats running around. Hrm, we need to redub the house since we’ve grown past two of everything. Anyway. So yeah, life here is usually peaceful. Now add two grown folk coughing and hacking all night and suddenly the peace is all gone.

Sadly I, the unemployed, have yet to be infected by this plague while my working “halves” are all sickly and ‘puny’ as my stepdad would say. This has put me in the position of nurse for my poor family. After several days of this I’m just now starting to feel that bit of headache and that touch of tickle at the throat. I’m just hoping that I can hold out long enough to get them healthy.

We had company over last night and J was laid up on the couch all poopy, completely removed from everyone, and m was her typical quiet self but I could tell she wasn’t feeling too hot. I swear I should just put on a nurse costume. I mean I have a couple!!! I even have stethoscope and sphygmometer!! Anyone in need of a hot redhead in a nurse costume to take your blood pressure and heart rate?

~ by An Amazing Woman on September 3, 2008.

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