Fetish Fair Fleamarket – Carolinas

***I’m posting this on behalf of Danny at the Fetish Fair Fleamarket because I think it is of some interest to this group, and also because the last leg of my art tour will be here at the Ikaros Art Collective artshow***

Immerse yourself in all things kinky!

This weekend-long celebration of kink runs from September 26-28, 2008 at the Ramada Woodlawn in Charlotte, NC, and combines art, performance, and education with the most basic need: STUFF.

Whether you are married or single, straight or gay, old leather or new leather, male or female, you have one thing in common. You cannot buy a flogger at Wal-Mart.

So come together with all segments of the community, for the best one-stop shopping anywhere in the Southeast! The FFF brings together top national vendors and crafters with local merchants and artisans to present an unmatched variety in corsets, floggers, restraints, latex clothing, toys, dungeon equipment, books, and much much more.

Once you’re there, there is much more to entice and interest you!

• The Ikaros Art Collective Exhibit: 20 photographers of the erotic edge
admission to the exhibit is Free with your $10 FFF admission
• Over 30 educational sessions! Spanking, bedroom bondage, boot worship, slave positions, etc.
admission to all classes is Free with your $10 FFF admission!
• The CAPEX Dungeon Exploratorium
Friday only, tickets $20 in advance, $25 at the door
• Fetish Masquerade Party, produced by SingleCell
Saturday only, tickets $25 in advance, $30 at the door

Buy your tickets online and save! Visit our ticket sales page here:  http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/39269

Hotel rooms start at $89/night, and if we can fill enough rooms we will also be able to sponsor a private dungeon suite! But only if we can sell 200 rooms and block off that wing of the hotel! Right now we are short of that goal, so please make your reservation today!

Call (704) 525-8350 to reserve your room, or you can purchase a package directly from the FFF that includes two nights hotel and discount tickets to all events! Prices go up on September 1st!

Are you interested in meeting people who share your enthusiasms? Into pony play? Latex fetish? Vampire scenes? Ravishment? Or want to meet people you know through online sites? Or who live in your area?

Suggest a meetup! Offer to sponsor or host, or just make the suggestion! We’ll provide you with a room for a one-hour informal meetup, and also provide coffee and tea. To sign up or suggest, or to see the current schedule of meetups, check our meetup page here:
Interested in helping out at the FFF Carolinas? We need ticket checkers, door monitors, shleppers, and other help throughout the weekend. Earn free admission to the FFF, and work enough hours and you can earn admission to the Dungeon Exploratorium and Masquerade!

To sign up for a volunteer shift, visit our volunteer shift page here:
Here are some of the vendors and their products you will find during the weekend:
* Bullmoose Paddles (finely made wooden paddles)
* CAPEX (regional organization)
* Circlet Press (books and magazines)
* Delicious Corsets (handmade in Philly)
* Greyson Wolf (vampire fangs & more)
* Frolicon (kinky sf/f convention)
* Hickory Playground (playspace)
* The Kink Shop (impact toys)
* KJ Canes (canes)
* The Latex Store/Midnight Blue’s (latex accessories, single tail whips)
* Leather By Danny (innovative restraints and leather goods)
* Leathrworks (unique floggers and fetish tools)
* Meana Styles (affordable corsets and fetish fashions)
* Nancy’s Basement (spanking accessories)
* Needleplay Design (custom embroidered shirts and accessories)
* Passional (fetish clothing from smallest to largest sizes)
* Pendragon Chainmail (chainmail clothing and gear)
* Power Xchange by Nina (toys, lingerie, and more)
* Rapture Floggers (every color and weight of flogger)
* SD Leather & Lace (pervertibles)
* The Shoe Guy (fetish shoes and boots)
* Torvea – Achella (erotic glass art and BDSM gear)
* and more!


Our complement of teachers and instructors features many experienced players including Edninja, Nefarious, Shdowkitten, Ellie, girl commando, Zita, and many more!

Just a few of the classes you can expect to see:
The Secret Clan of the Redd Palm
Presented by Grand Master Wakkurbutto
Learn the secrets of this ancient order under the tutelage of a certified, grade A, “real”, “true” Grand Master with over 20 year experience. Sensei Wakkurbutto will offer training in Soar Butt, Sweet Spot, Sting Thigh and Ouch Chi. This is a hands on presentation so if you love spanking, bring your partner or bring your butt…
Bedroom Bondage: Becoming Master of Your Own Domain
So, you’re playing at home, and you really want to tie your bottom to the bed (chair, table, couch…), only to discover that it’s not as easy as it looks. You can’t figure out where to securely attach the ropes, then they keep loosening or cinching up. You find the position you had in mind doesn’t give the, ahem, access you wanted. The private, intimate scene you were planning has soon degraded into awkward, fumbling and flimsy bondage. As you frantically try to correct the situation before the mood is completely blown, you think to yourself, “There has to be a better way!”

Surviving Real Life in a 24/7 Relationship
Most of us enter the lifestyle with some preconception of what it means to be a full-time Master/slave.  Then we find out that in real life the sub can’t stay naked and bound 24/7… and the Master can’t spend all his time fucking and torturing his pet; no, he has to actually leave the house and work for a living.  Then someone develops health problems… and money gets tight… and his aging mom moves in with them!  We’re going to host a round table discussion on separating real life from fantasy and how to maintain your D/s or M/s roles when life starts getting in the way.  Come share your wisdom and your horror stories.

The Secret History of Kink in Art
In 1603 the Italian master Caravaggio completed a painting of “Doubting Thomas.”  On the surface it depicted a well known Biblical story in which Thomas will not believe that Christ has risen from the grave until he can stick his fingers in the wounds.  But Caravaggio was no ordinary man.  In his life, he was convicted multiple times of brawling, murder and pedophilia.  And his “Doubting Thomas” has something perversely sexual about it.  The vaginal shaped wound… The penetrating finger… the trickle of blood…  In this powerpoint lecture, surveying 15,000 years of art history, we’re going to ask, when is a cigar NOT just a cigar?  It’s the hidden history of fetishes, kink and perversion found in plain sight in the art museum.

Slave Positions
Part dance, part art, and all submission. While most prominently featured in Gorean style D/s, slave positions are a beautiful expression of obedience that can be incorporated into any style of relationship. This workshop will feature the classic Gorean positions, as well as other beautiful poses adapted from yoga, dance, martial arts, and more. We will discuss how to incorporate body positioning into submissive training, and how to adapt the positions to your physical abilities and D/s practices. Come and learn how, from sex to play to service, purposeful positioning can add an element of ritual and excitement to your BDSM interactions. Come comfortably dressed to participate or just watch and learn.
Any many, many more!

For more info, check out our web page! (http://www.fetishfairfleamarket.com/fff-charlotte2.html)
Updates are also posted to our Livejournal Group: (http://community.livejournal.com/fff_carolinas/)

See you in September!

Brought to you by the loving support of our sponsors and partners:
Delicious Corsets: www.deliciouscorsets.com
Passional: www.passional.net/
Torvea – Achella : www.torvea.com
Ikaros Art Collective: www.ikarosartcollective.com
CAPEX: www.capex.info
SingleCell Productions: www.singlecell.us

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