Don’t Tread on Me

“Don’t Tread on Me” is from the Gadsen Flag, the snake bearing a nod to one of Ben Franklin’s earlier works. This particular flag is one of the first flags in our nation, we raised these colors before the Red, White and Blue seen today. It’s a symbol of American Independence and it was used in battle. Also, it’s from South Carolina, like me. Now I usually don’t get all politically and whatnot. I really do try to steer away from these topics. But anyway.

I’m hating this whole Sarah Palin situation. You know what, her daughter is pregnant and unmarried. Big fucking cock sucking deal. Ooooooooh, she can’t possibly be a good VP because she’s got a normal life. Teen pregnancy is on the rise folk, hate the game don’t hate the player.

Oh I’m voting for Obama, and Obama is going to win. But I’m just saying that I hate that this woman is being persecuted for having a teenage daughter. There I said it. Also, just to make my stance clear, Obama is awesome. Even he says to lay off people’s kids, I think he uses the phrase “off limits.” See, I like that.

I think that we should create a new law, maybe even re-raise this old flag. I think our new law should be to outlaw judging people. Unless you are in fact a judge, then you’d rule the judgement over the person prosecuted of judging the judged-person over which the judgemental-person is being judged. I think that would be funny enough to make the whole thing worth it. That’s my opinion. Don’t tread on me.

~ by An Amazing Woman on September 2, 2008.

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