This is where I roll out of bed, 12 pounds heavier, and make my way through the goodbyes. This will probably take most of the day and will be paused and repeated as ramdom family members happen to pop up throughout the day.

I will be coaxed to stay for supper. You can’t say no to MeMa when she wants to feed you (just ask Mess’s dad!) and when she gets an idea in her head you’d best follow suit 🙂

Eventually I will finally make it to the car. At which point I will need to stand there holding my bags while everyone makes the goodbye rounds again. Finally in the car I will be have to sit in idle while MeMa tells me to be safe, to keep to the speedlimit, and to lock my doors. As I pull out of the driveway I will wave to them all standing there and I will look out my rearview at them, getting smaller, as I make my way back home.

~ by An Amazing Woman on August 27, 2008.

One Response to “Wednesday”

  1. your fam sounds like mine, especially the feeding Grand ma part
    be careful!

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