After spending the morning with Janice I will be heading to FloTown to see my other family. This one is easy…my grandma, grandpa, aunt, and dad all live together. It saves gas really. I really am excited to see MeMa and GranGran and Pop 🙂 awwwwwwww! This is probably the day I gain 12 pounds. I love southern cooking!! They fry EVERYTHING. Hell even the cornbread and the vegetables are fried!! Mmmmmm.

I used to spend every summer, xmas and thanksgiving in Florence. Now I only really get around there during Thanksgiving. Of course my people are getting older though, and really I miss them a hell of a lot. One of these days I want MeMa and GranGran to be able to visit where I live. I really think they would be proud.

The Flo Family is HUGE though and there is no way I can see them all while I’m there. In fact I’ve missed the last couple of reunions…and these are massive. They rent out the church gym and it’s standing room only…all relatives. Actually once I brought Josh with me when we were dating back in highschool and one of my great aunts thought he was a relative too, started talking to him about the Lane side of the family and whatnot. It was rather comical.

Yay family!

~ by An Amazing Woman on August 26, 2008.

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