While I’m away…

It seems like I just got back in town, but travels call me again! I am doing a 5 day tour of South Carolina, starting today in about 20 minutes. I won’t be back until sometime late on Wednesday and I won’t have access to internet. You see I am going to visit my friends and family in various and sundry parts of South Kakk, and not a one of them has an innernets!!

…but never fear dearest readers! I have a plan! (I ALWAYS have a plan lol). Instead of leaving you high and dry I will instead leave you with one photo from the Engel shoot each day until my return. So there…I get to visit my peeps and you get to look at a gorgeous nekkid girl in ropes. Everybody wins!! And of course, you can always do the twitter thing to see what I’m up to: http://twitter.com/nikkinefarious.

Until next time!!

~ by An Amazing Woman on August 23, 2008.

One Response to “While I’m away…”

  1. have a good trip.
    naked girl pics always bring folks back.

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