ah memories

I found this from an old blog that I had completely forgotten about. This entry is 2 years old. It’s crazy how nothing has changed 😀

***insert dream-sequence***
November 2006

You know, there comes a time in every person’s life when you just have to look around and ask “wtf? rly? o rly!”

If you told me in high school that by the time I turned 26 I would be a fetish photographer and work in pr0n I would have laughed. Actually I prolly would have told you to get bent and would have walked away with my nose in whatever book I happened to be reading that day. I really had that down too, that whole reading-while-walking thing. I blame marching band…it takes a lot of coordination to read music, play the music and walk in formation…

n e wayz. I do have a point. And the point is pointedly this:

Sunday I spent the day tying up a stripper. Look, don’t judge. Shibari is a respected form of Martial Arts and with that same sense of respect I artfully tied up a stripper and took photos. I realized that I was grateful that she happened to have a ballgag in her mouth. I find I have absolutely nothing in common with strippers, unless they happen to be a rare breed of geek-stripper, which I’ve never met in person but have heard tell of.

I guess it doesn’t really matter what you do with your life or with yourself…somethings don’t change too much. I still feel out of place with the beautiful people, and I still get socially-awkward. And after a long hard day of groping a stripper it’s always nice to come home, read some SNTG, listen to mash-ups, and watch Geek Ray Vision on spiketv.com.

***cue normalness, whatever that means***

Yup. Wow. I still tie up people, I still feel out of place with the pretty folk, I still need my nerdfix. I’ve lost contact with all my old stripper friends though, mainly because most have moved on from stripping. As as far as working in pr0n, well I still do, only for different folk in a different way. But its nice to know that sometimes in the craziness of life there are still some things that stay consistent.

~ by An Amazing Woman on August 22, 2008.

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