Shooting. This time with guns

My tagline on my AlteredAperture Myspace is “I shoot people.” This is generally true since the only thing I would “shoot” with is a camera. However over the weekend I shot a handgun for the first time!! The last time I had a loaded gun (unloaded photo-prop guns don’t count) was when I was a teeny down in South Kak, shooting hay bales with an old kid-size rifle full of BBs,  that is when I could wrestle it away from my brother. This time I got to shoot (from left to right in the pic above) a 38 Special revolver, a .380 I can’t remember the name of, a Sigsauer .380 and a Glock .40. Also, one should note that I am pro-rights on this and other publicly conscious issues of a sensitive nature…essentially I feel that humans can choose their own way within the limits of the law; and thus it is within legal rights to own a gun within certain parameters and if it is your choice to own one, then by all means do so within the limits of the law. There now, don’t we all feel better now that that’s out of the way.

The other side of Ms Nikki Nefarious

The other side of Ms Nikki Nefarious

Not to say that I for one will be going out and buying a gun to keep, I don’t know if I would ever own one personally because I don’t feel ready for such a responsibility, but I had fun and that’s what matters. I had such a great time shooting, it was highly therapeutic, what with all the garbage life has been throwing me of late. And I gotta tell you, I’m one hell of a spaz sometimes, I’m used to just jumping right into things. Not this time. Let’s just say I have a healthy respect for guns…esp since that sounds better than admitting I am afraid of them! Maybe for the first time ever I was put in a position where my hyper active sense of my surroundings paid off though. I’ve always had a problem finding a quiet space within, you know, that meditation deal or that “happy place” one hears tell of. Thus it is always hard to calm my mind and body, but something clicked, just for a brief moment, where all was still, then it was gone. That split-second.

Everyone, meet X

Everyone, meet X

It turns out I’m a pretty good shot for a n00b!! I got to go with a friend I call X, he let me use part of his collection.  We started me at 5 ft and then 10 ft, though he told me that I would have a harder time of the 10 ft.  Seems he was right, at least for my first couple of shots at that distance (dig the stray bullets in the mid-gray areas), but then I got the hang of it and I was able to place a .380 in one hole right in the red target, then follow it in the same hole with a .40 from that distance. Not bad, I’d say 🙂

I definitely prefer the Sigsauer! The other .380 and the revolver were just too tiny for me, I kept feeling that they would jump out of my hand! The glock was nice, but I mean the bullets are bigger, hence a louder boom and bigger kick in an enclosed shooting range, and the body was too big. The Sigsauer was just right though!! Next time we go shooting I get to try my hand at a rifle 🙂 I can’t wait!!

~ by An Amazing Woman on August 11, 2008.

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