The other day a friend of mine popped over with some figs that she didn’t know what to do with. It was perfect timing since I was having a shitty day. When I am in a bad mood the only things that work is either beating the living hell out of someone, or cooking. Now you can’t exactly beat the hell out of someone with figs…ok, you can, but you’d have to freeze them and put them in a sock or something…so in the interest of being productive I decided to turn them into delicious preserves. I made regular and spiced. Yum. What you see above was my breakfast. Sometimes I dig on being me.

It seems like all I’ve done the past couple weeks is edit photos and video. I think my brain is fried because of it. I dreamed last night that I was filming myself, and then I had to edit it all afterward. It was highly trippy and just a little bit disturbing. Lol maybe I should take a break.

***Apres Break***

I really needed that. I just met The Bestest for lunch. It seems like we haven’t hung out in forever, so it was awesome to spend some time catching up on life, the universe, and everything. The B and I used to have a standing date night once a week. We’d go to wine bars, we’d take walks or go for runs, we’d play tennis, and we’d talk endlessly about damned near everything from politics to the deepest inner roots of our beings. We’d later refer to them as “Garage Talks.” I miss those a lot, but life has really gotten in the way of life of late, as it tends to do. At any rate, it was an awesome lunch.

Well, it looks like I’ve got some editing to do!

~ by An Amazing Woman on July 22, 2008.

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