the great wilderness

This weekend I will be going on a trek with my best friend, Mess, and my mia. We will be somewhere in the Shenandoah Valley. There will be earth and sky and water and us.

3 women

…3 days

…one tent

…in the wilderness

it sounds like the premise of a really bad horror movie. or a really bad porn. Either way, I’m excited.

Mess and I have an added challenge: we each are going to take one night to make dinner for us all, and we have to come up with a creative way to cook a gourmet meal at the camp site.

It’s been forever since I’ve been able to hang out with Mess. Shes lived all over the country and has moved from SC, to CA, to HI, and now to DC within the past couple of years. To help bridge the gap between us we’d do random things together when we can.

We used to have one ring that we would share. Each month one of us would mail the ring to the other, along with a letter about our life or adventures that month, a recount of the dare we were given, and a new dare for the other to perform whilst wearing the ring.

Once, when Mess was going through some esteem-issues, I dared her to write (in magic marker) on her naked body things like “beautiful,” “driven,” “intellegent,” “sexy,” etc in places that would be hidden by clothes. She was to keep this on her skin all day, and everytime she goes to the bathroom she’s to look at herself and remember why she wrote these things. Oh there were photos…I gotta have proof right!! We’d just do silly little things like that.

Well we out grew the ring, and life got too busy for a monthly dare and ring-swap. So now we are trying to spend at least a couple long weekends together a year, no less than once a year. This will be our first attempt 🙂

If all goes as planned for this camping trip I’ll be bringing my video thinger, and of course the camera, to share the view with you all!

~ by An Amazing Woman on June 25, 2008.

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