New Model

Time management really is an art form. I haven’t quite mastered it yet, but I’m working on it. But I guess it’s ok when you are spending your time shooting hot girls!!!!! I’ve been scheduling out a lot of shoots here lately, everything from glamour to bondage. I guess that’s just my forte.

My recent shootout was with a new model from Vegas who had flown in to shoot with me. She’s new, just getting her feet wet and she wanted to try some bondage. I happily helped out.

This model was petite, tight, and very expressive. This was her first experience being shot for a paysite, so I could tell she was nervous. I just did all I could to help her feel more relaxed and comfortable…which wasn’t so easy since there was a set and crew to deal with as well.

She was wearing a demin short skirt, a white tank with white ruffles and a pink bra underneath….she came with clothes to change into. I decided that what she was wearing was perfect and I started rigging her in what she had on. Sometimes I get tired of the over-done look, you know with the matching panty set and the perfectly selected outfit…nope, sometimes I just love the appeal of the “come as you are”. So yeah, her pink bra did not match the babyblue and yellow of her cute cotton panties, and nope, they weren’t thongs.

I slowly turned her and tied her arms behind her back, I yanked the rope towards me and she took a step back, resting on my chest, as I moved the rope around to her front and rested my arm over her chest to stabilize her.

“See, you can trust me, it’s ok. I won’t be rough with you or hurt you, unless of course you want me too,” I added with a grin, as a joke to help lighten the situation. I had no idea she would sigh, rest her head on my shoulder and murmur:

“I was hoping you would”

Um, unexpected!! For a second I felt the tables turned, I was actually unprepared for this response! I just shrugged it off as I tend to do and went on rigging her up, thinking she was just having fun and trying to get into the spirit of things. After all I had never seen this girl before. I knelt down to run some rope down her body and as I was coming up, pulling the ropes into place, I heard her breath go deeper and I felt tiny ripplesrun through her body. Mmmm, I love that. Ok, mind back on wor…before I could finish the thought in my head I heard

“I was serious, you know,” she said in a sort of whisper. She was facing away from the set, from the crew, and, as if she had forgotten all about them, she said, “I have been a fan of your bondage work for so long, and you are so hot, I’ve been fantasizing about you tying me up for such a long time now. The only reason why I am shooting with these guys is because they told me you would be the one to rig me”

Wow. Ok. This kind of thing doesn’t really happen to me. Now, I am used to being behind the camera, used to being known for my photos and for my bondage, but this is a little different. I could tell that she was getting into it right now, and I am such a sucker for a girl on the verge…so I went with it. I couldn’t help myself.

I stood up, bringing the rope through the loop and then I placed one arm around her front to brace her and I brought her to her knees quickly with my foot. I pivoted myself up and around so that I was now kneeling over her, one hand on the ropes and one hand lifting her right leg up to tie it into position. She was on her back now, with her arms tied behind her, I was careful not to put any of my weight on her, yet while I tied her off I made sure to lean my body over top of hers, letting my hand run up her left thigh and letting my own right thigh press up against hers, holding it there as I dipped my face close to her to finish the tie. I stood up to full height, bent down, grabbed a hand hold, lifted and turned her onto her side so that I could rig her her left leg. By the time I was done with her, her hands her behind her back, her right leg was bent up and outward and her left leg was bent back and up, tied off at the wrists.

“Comfy?” I asked as I lifted her up and brought her face to face with me, I let my knee press into her crotch, which I immediately noticed was already damp.


“Good.” I said as I shoved a knotted mass of rope into her mouth to tie off as a gag. Then I dropped her with a thud and a grunt. The first tie was done, it was time to get to work. The crew moved in and I moved out of the way to grab my camera as well. The fire in her eyes as she looked at me could have melted my camera lens.

She struggled on the ground. Her skirt was a mass of futile fabric bunched on her hips, one side of her panties had ridden nicely high showing off a pale cresent of her ass, her groans were hoarse and muffled. My mind moved with lightening speed to the other “predicaments” we had planned to shoot….we had a full day ahead of us and already this girl was getting into it. I love that.

As to think, this was only the first tie!

~ by An Amazing Woman on June 9, 2008.

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