Wife Devotees in JAPAN!!!

I’m interested in this type of thing because of my work on an international expansion into Japan, I’ve really gotten into the culture since then.

I saw on the news the other day where Japanese men are gathering together in public to let their spouses know that they love them. That might not be such a big deal here, but in Japan these types of emotional sentiments between man and wife are not all that common, and especially not in a public setting.

The Japan Aisaika Association, who orchestrated this public display, is comprised of men who are proudly committed to their wives and believe that this will lead to world peace. On the news piece I saw the founder in the kitchen helping his wife cook, I found it touching that he admitted he had never before cooked and had to learn from his wife. They mentioned how Western movies have played a role, to a degree, with their easy displays of affection. It is amazing how much cultures can learn from others, and in such subtle ways.

The segment showed a line of men standing in the middle of a cabbage patch, their wives were gathered several feet away from them. These men cupped their hands to their mouths and, with the courage gathered from the group, they yelled “I love you” over and over. I just think that’s the neatest thing!!!

Here’s some more info about it.

~ by An Amazing Woman on February 15, 2008.

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