The old hood

I’m talking about neighborhoods, though I am a fan of the fun ones that zip up the back of the head. There’s really not a lot of point in this post, just some musings over old memories and stories. Sometimes I ramble about things, this is one of those times.

What happened to neighborly neighborhoods? The neighborhood I live in now is a subdivision in the suburbs, you know the type with the neighborhood association community and the neighborhood watch. I love my home, it is beautiful with lots of room inside and a creek running through the wooded backyard. However the neighbors aren’t neighborly. They are nice, don’t get me wrong. Now when we were building the “contraption” we had to finish it up in our driveway because it was too big to construct in the garage. Some of our neighbors grew curious and came over to inquire about it, being truthful we explain what it was and what it was being made for. A couple weeks later we spoted a for sale sign in one of the yards, in the following few months over half of the houses in our cul-de-sac were sold, and the for sale signs keep sprouting up. I’m sure this was coincidence, but still, suffice it to say we didn’t speak to these neighbors again after that.

Before we moved up here we lived in a neighborhood in SC. It was a nondescript sort of area, and it was a small house near the college I attended. Though there was no “neighborhood association” everyone who lived there were so nice! I’ve got a couple of favorite stories from that neighborhood…the only other “neighborhood stories” I have were when I was a child exploring my terrain. Here are my stories 🙂

After hanging out at my house one evening, my best friend, Jess, got her car stuck in the gutter (that girl was always in the gutter!) as she tried to back out and into the street. She, Josh and I tried to get her car unstuck and were having quite a time with it. After a few minutes a car came down the street and passed us, we didn’t think anything more about it. However several minutes later that same car came back down the street with at least 6 guys we had never met before, they were sitting on the hood of the car as it drove toward us. They all hopped down and got into the gutter and lifted the car out…then they invited us over for beer and pizza!!! I had never seen anything like this before. When I asked about it they told me that it looked like we needed a hand and they figured they’d come up and help out. How awesome is that!

As I said before our house was small, but I have a pretty big family and I’ve got a pretty big heart so when I need ot help out my family I tend to do so as much as I can. At one point in time there were 7 people living in this tiny two bedroom house….these included myself, Josh, my brother, my cousin and her babies. My cousin stayed with us for the last part of her second pregnancy and on after she gave birth to her twins. During this time, she and her first child lived in our livingroom. One day I came home from class and saw a large rubbermaid container by the fence to the house. I got out of the car and went to the container, thinking that maybe it had fallen from a car. I saw that it had actually been carefully placed there, on the outside of the fence, so my dog couldn’t get to it. I looked around and, seeing no one, I opened it to see what was inside. This case was full of maternity clothes, all freshly washed, pressed and folded. Someone(s) had left this for my pregnant cousin to wear (she couldn’t afford clothes and had worn the same two pajama sets the whole time she stayed with us up to that point). I was amazed at the generousity! The worst part was, no one left a name or anything so we weren’t sure who to thank. Instead we thanked everyone.

Growing up in the South has taught me all manner of manners. Currently the only neighbor who comes around is this older couple who lives directly beside us. They are great! Ol’ Bill has been known to get drunk, piss on a tree and howl at the moon…I love that guy, he’s crazy as hell. He’s nice though, he’ll offer you anything he has whether it’s a beer, a smoke, or even furniture! His wife T is the type to make cookies and goodies for the holidays, and she makes sure the wreaths on the door match the season. I’m hoping our new neighbors who move into these sold houses are nice. They might be in for a surprise though once they meet us and Bill!

~ by An Amazing Woman on February 8, 2008.

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