PR Parte Cinco: The Rainforest

Hey gang, sorry it has been so long since another update…I have been busy!!!

But let’s get right to the subject at hand! I’ve never been to a Rainforest. I mean I have been in those “rainforest” exhibits in zoos and aquariums and whatnot…but never to the real deal, you know. I just have two words for it: GORE GEOUS! The best part was spending the night in a tiny B&B right near a huge waterfall. The creepy-crawlys were everywhere and at night you could hear all manner of wildlife and water-rushing. The Ko-Ki frog (I have no idea how to actually spell it, I saw it spelled a millions different ways on a million different souvenir shot glasses!) has the cutest lil noise!! It actually sounds like “ko-ki” or “cookie” with enphasis on the “ki” part…I want one!!!

Anyway, onward to photos!

Again I go with the trees!! Dig the roots on the second one!

Here is some of the creepy-crawlys I mentioned earlier. The lizard was my buddy, his name is Herman. The caterpillar didn’t ever tell me his name.

We had a hammock right outside our room, that nice a nice touch, however what you don’t notice is that the hammock is positioned right at the edge of this nifty little cliff, so that if you were to roll off you would go a-tumble all the way down to the bottom…well unless a tree or snake broke your fall!

This is what was at the bottom of said cliff: the end of the waterfall! Oh and see the second pic? See the top of the waterfall? That’s where we were staying!


We hiked through the rainforest to get to a “pool” made by the waterfall about halfway down. Luckily there were nice trails and bridges (which somehow I’m sure were not all naturally formed) though I do love a nice canopied road, you know.

And here we are, finally, at the pool! It was cold as all hell, but incredibly refreshing after the warm and muggy hike. I was taking the photos, so there are none of me…but here’s one of mia under the waterfall!! and then, well here’s another one of mia, cuz she’s pretty 🙂

~ by An Amazing Woman on December 3, 2007.

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