PR Parte Tres: The Beaches

Obviously there were lots upon lots of beaches all up in Puerto Rico, there was even one named…get this…crashboat beach!! It was apparent how it got its name, so there was no swimming there for me.

Now I am not actually a beach-person, mind you, in fact I think they are quite hostile to me…what with the sand getting everywhere and the sea trying to either pull you under or make you a snack for some aquatic predator, and then there’s that whole sun factor. Nope, I usually don’t like the beach, but these were amazing!!! I am just sad I didn’t get to see them all.

However I did get to visit quite a few…and I somehow managed to burn through my SPF 50. Yay for being extremely pale, ugh. But you didn’t read this to hear me whine, so let’s get on with it shall we!

So by now I’m sure you all know my “things” about old architecture and whatnot. While walking on the beach one night I came across this old aqueduct that fed from an old stone wall, which was part of a fortress back in the day. Now this was a shot in the dark, literally, and so please excuse the blurriness, but I just had to get it right then and there:

Of course the next evening we go back and I took a couple of shots of mia along that wall:

Then, of course, mia wanted to take a photo of me. I said she could, as long as I got another one of her though…I can’t help it, I just prefer to be behind the lens.

Here’s a pic of Josh on the beach where we went snorkeling (more on that later!!) and a pic of some awesomely huge rocks right beside the shore.

So you all know how I like me some trees to curl up in a read, right? Well I found the PERFECT tree in the perfect place!

We visted this location several times and spent a lot of time there, partly to relax and partly to tie up mia…you can see the results of this at Bondage Babe of the Month. So mia took a couple of snapshots on a couple of occasions when we were there of just me and my tree…for it is mine, I named it and everything!

I wish I could have taken shots of all the wildlife there, there was so much! But I did make friends with a nice hermit crab named Pedro, and I got a pretty decent shot of a bird in flight one evening.

And no trip to an Island Beach can be complete without the obligatory ‘post-card style’ shots of a lighthouse and the skyline. “The weather is here, wish you were beautiful”

I already miss those beaches to tell the truth!

~ by An Amazing Woman on November 29, 2007.

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