Puerto Rico Parte Dos: Old San Juan

We arrived in San Juan to start our trip, so of course we had to look around the place to see what we could get into. San Juan and Old San Juan were really awesome, though I really liked the feel of Old San Juan better.

This post is more of pictoral tour of what we saw in Old San Juan. Come, join me!

I just need to point out one thing first, I absolutely love streets with trees arching over them, like some sort of lush green tunnel begging you to drive through it regardless of where it leads. There were lots of them about!

I also have a thing for architectural ruins! When something that once stood complete, and possibly once housed something grand, now becomes nothing more than a canvas for modern expressions of vandalism (or as I like to call ‘artistic expressions’)…I can’t help but to mourn a little for that lost past, and then smile at the irony that these ruins are not forgotten, at least not to the artist who tagged them.

I also love trees! I like to climb in one and read for hours. These trees though were nuts!! They were growing all which ways! The first pic of an awesome tree who’s branches where knotted like beautiful ropework!!! The others are pics of these trees with awesome roots!

Oh yeah, I gotta thing for old bridges too

This is from Old San Juan, the city is quite cute really. mia on a rooftop helps too.

This being an island, we were bound to see a marina! Lucky for us there was right there where we were!

This is the three of us as we were walking around the outside of Old San Juan, and a view from across the water from that stone wall:

mia took a quick snapshot of me and Josh along our traipsing around. And no, we didn’t mean to dress alike, it just sort of happens I guess. The second pic is where I crashed out after reaching the Fort (which will come later) and mia snuck that one in too…you can even see the hand of Christ peaking out from the side of his shirt (he’s got a tatt of Jesus jumping on a pogo stick on his side)
And here’s one last shot of mia! We found a little garden area right in the middle of Old San Juan, it was walled in and had a doorway, though it was off the narrowest road I had ever seen. It looked almost forgotten as everything seemed to be all grown with weeds. It was still gorgeous, especially the way the mid-day sun shone through.

And there you have it friends, my favorite parts of Old San Juan.

~ by An Amazing Woman on November 28, 2007.

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