Puerto Rico Parte Uno: La Isla Del Encanta

Puerto Rico is called “La Isla Del Encanto,” or “The Island of Enchantment.” And well, this friends is very true indeed. I have decided to post my adventures in a mini-series format so as to cram as much info and photos as possible without overload.

Ok, so I’ll start this one out with a basic overview of the trip 🙂 We didn’t get to stay long enough to do everything, but I think I made a fair dent in this lil island. Josh met up with us there for a long weekend, but he had to leave to get back to his work. Which was for the best because internet on the island, at least where we were staying, was iffy at best, and that was when it wasn’t down for the entire island lol!! And the traffic there is ridiculous!! PR folk make their own rules it seems…if you need a third lane, you damned well make a third lane lol!! Like forget drinking and driving…we saw folk riding horses bareback to go to the bars since it’s apparently legal to drink and ride!!! And seriously there is a law that states you don’t have to stop for red lights after midnight and until sun-up, so there I was on the last day of our trip at 4AM driving all the way across the island to get to the airport in San Juan from Anasco…just running red lights left and right!! Hehe, it was cool!

Puerto Rico is awesome though!! If you want to go to the beach, there’s like uberbazillions of them right down the road. If you want to go to the mountains, holy crap, there’s like a dozen right over there. Got a hankering to visit a rain forest, yup they got that too!! And talk about the food…ya’ll this girl ate her weight in all sorts of Caribbean and local fare. Hell at mia’s grandmother’s house they have a veritable produce section right in the backyard! Mangoes, tangelos, tangerines, cherries, star fruit, grapefruit, papaya, avocado, and coconuts!

During the trip we went to a few beaches, stayed overnight in the rain forest, toured Old San Juan, went to a music festival, and all kinds of other random stuff. I will go into more details on these in future posts so stay tuned.

For now, here are some photos of random things I did!! Click the pics…they get bigger!

Me and a coconut! Yum!

An old abandoned hotel right on the damned shore!! I really want this building!

Ok, you really need to see this one big…this is a house, made with sea shells 🙂

Just some random huge gears in a field. Yeah, I don’t get it either.

We saw this gem driving down the highway. I had to stop on the side of the rode once we passed it and run back to get a shot of it!

And this is mia being adorable, she tends to do this at times.

~ by An Amazing Woman on November 27, 2007.

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