Interview with my good friend Astrid from Lazerbunny

Here’s an excerpt from our interview together. Click here to read all of it!

bobcoulter7.jpg: So tell me how you got started with Social Kink.

nikki4.jpg: I work for a company called AEBN. At first, I was in the Traffic Department, and then I moved to Project Management, since I’m a bit of a closet nerd. Once the concept of Social Kink came up, they thought of me to be a part of the project management for the site and then to eventually become webmistress, since they knew that I was already part of the fetish lifestyle. It just made sense on both a personal and professional level. I figure if you love something, it will really reflect in your work.

bobcoulter7.jpg: I definitely agree with that. What was your vision for Social Kink when you started and how has that changed as you’ve grow along?

nikki4.jpg: The fetish and kink world is small, yet very fragmented, online. You go to one site for one bit of info, and another site to learn something else, and yet another site to meet the folks in the lifestyle. That or you pay for membership to a personals site, and even then the people there are not as varied (since many in the lifestyle simply choose not to pay for memberships). We wanted to bring everyone together in one place. That way, you only have to worry about logging in on one site to meet people, learn new techniques, swap scenes, talk about events, plan munches, and even shop for toys or watch videos.

It was a simple concept, really. The world’s largest fetish lounge, right on one site.

bobcoulter7.jpg: Yes, it does seem like all the profile sites (Adult Friend Finder and such) are hard to navigate and costly.

nikki4.jpg: We really just wanted a site that wouldn’t intimidate users from finding what they are looking for. We have built in a searchable interest list, so that you can find people that match your kink. Our Gateway also makes searching for people very painless, this is where submissives can find Dominants, shows can find performers, models can find photographers. We even have a business directory for kink-friends goods and services…it’s all right there for you.

bobcoulter7.jpg: What do you make of all these offshoots of myspace that are happening right now? MyDommeSpace, etc.? Do you think they cover enough ground or are they too niche specific?

nikki4.jpg: Well, yes, I think that each one was created to serve its specific niche. One of the major issues we faced when creating Social Kink was how to NOT be niche-specific. It’s really easy to become pigeon-holed, especially in this particular scene at times. We figured we would take the best of the best for everyone and then create our own new things so that there is something there for everyone.

Luckily, our people who work here are really into this stuff and were able to provide a lot of insight so as to not leave anything out. One of our team members is actually a title holder in the Leather Community, as SELF Boot Black 2007. Another member is a well respected Electo-play top who travels and conducts demos. We just try to make sure that everyone can find their place here, you know.

bobcoulter7.jpg: …Who do you like right now? What are you looking at/talking about/sweating over?

nikki4.jpg: I love everyone on the site right now, we’re like a happy family. Mainly I am all over Catalina Loves, who has a very active blog on the site. I actually met up with her the other day and we arranged for her to be featured in my monthly blog called Bondage Babe of the Month for December (its her birthday month). Also, Perry Mann is on board as well, and he’s the guy putting on the Exotic Erotic Ball. It really is a small world, here we are chatting on the site and next thing you know we’re sponsoring and attending the event!

~ by An Amazing Woman on November 14, 2007.

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